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She wants to let go of her best friend but can’t

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My Everything

You know it’s hard when you can’t push the only one away after they helped you, they were the only ones who brought you light so you could see, the warmth to your freezing nights.

I can’t… I can’t push him away but I have to he’s my only friend and I hate to have him care for someone who’s a waste of space and air

I’m just so tired..

Tired of trying to hide everything away from everyone, my family, my friend I can’t do it anymore but I also don’t wanna answer questions I don’t wanna tell them what’s wrong with me because they won’t get it at all… so I’ll just let them go

I haven’t cried in days, weeks, months, but finally today the day I cry for the days I missed I cry for myself I cry for everyone who waste there time on me

I hate it here

I can only hang on for so long this rope can’t take my weight neither can I, I don’t want to hang on anymore I just want to let go

But I can’t, I can’t leave him, I can’t even imagine a world without him but.. I bet him can imagine a world without me its not like I’m him everything like him is to me…

I bet he’ll be happy, finally free of me and my waste of space. So he can live his life to the fullest without being held back by me….

I can imagine him having plenty of friends hanign out everyday, smiling, laughing enjoying her company her life without me

I want him to be happy

But I can’t let him go, he’s apart of me, someone I don’t wanna let go someone I can go to and talk spill my emotions….I just can’t let him go

He’s my only hope, my only light, my only warmth

He’s my everything

I love him
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