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In which every name is written,

Oh, subtle chapter,

Felt in every heart,

Like silence of laughter,

There are many stories,

The one's that chase,

Those that hide,

And except with gentle embrace,

That fateful ending,

We all have to face.

Of you, I do not fear,

But I do think on,

My loved one’s tears,

And what is left behind,

Of all that I hold dear,

And what I might do,

When that painful day comes,

and the time ticks away,

Like a steady drum,

When your hands are cold,

And mind is numb,

I can only say this in comfort,

When from this world I am gone,

Do not morn,

And keep going on,

For a soul is everlasting,

And even death,

Cannot break our bond,

So smile at my memory,

For I am writing still,

And when your climb is done,

I meet you on that hill,

And head boldly strong,

Into a new destiny to fulfil.

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