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Dear Soldier

Dear Soldier,

Thank you for what you have given,

The grief of death and the pain of living,

Having to know fear of tomorrow,

To save lives and yet bring sorrow,

To have to be the ones that fight,

To wake up screaming in the night,

That you continue on with pride,

And have to mourn friends that died,

The time away from family spent,

We cannot know what it meant,

To not know a loved one’s care,

It seems so much for one to bear,

For the things we never say,

And that you carry on anyway,

That you still suffer here at home,

Some abandoned and left alone,

For all the hits that you take,

And did it willingly for our sake,

For all that you have given for me,

Forever grateful I will be,

Thank you,

For all the things that you do,

Dear Soldier.

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