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Fairy Wings

Never pull on a fairy wing,

else a flood of tears you’ll bring,

And then the temper,

in quite the huff,

And I tell you now,

they’ll mess you up,

They will follow you home,

Without with out a care,

And try to trap you,

in some type of snare,

unstuff your pillows,

glue your feet,

put salt in you sugar,

and bugs in your meat,

vinegar in the wine,

holes in your cup,

and while you’re not looking,

bells on the pup,

and the ring, ringing,

oh what a sound,

they won’t stop, friend,

until they take you down,

they won’t leave you be,

until it’s over and through,

and by that time,

you’ll be crying too,

So save yourself the hassle,

and the misery it will bring,

take my advice,

and don’t pull on fairy wings.

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