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Poems On Unconditional Love

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Part 1 and Part 2 of my life lessons and experiences with unconditional love. How it can be applied in everyday life and so on. Very heart warming, very intuitive, and thoughtful. It's probably the most spiritual talk I could ever have with someone, and that someone is myself. The more you read them the more you will come to understand that life has more to offer than suffering, these poems carry spiritual treasures that were hard to obtain if you are wise enough to take some of these advices to heart. Love you and stay safe.

Poetry / Mystery
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First Half

Love is unconditional and beautiful.

Drums, please.

Between heaven and earth, there's the neutrality of normalness, but my drum beat will make my heart beat.

Restoration is on the way, the love you are expressing is not in vain. It's healing both you and me.

Could love be a wishy-washy thing? Or could executives of the conglomerate benefit from tears of emotion? Only by the selfless contemplation of content satisfaction of being a man of no ambition. Treasuring the world as a big family. Thy love expression will come as you continue to show intention.

Words don't have enough meaning to express my sincere emotion of love. I will cast aside rope and catch the biggest fish. A fish that is not in the ocean or the river. It's the fish of no identity. Lose sight of the intellectual should and shouldn't. Hum a tune of your favorite song while going to bed with hot chocolate. That is love.

A fluffy feeling that is not creepy or dessertive. But gently and kindly. A kindness that wants to hide and pretend is your mystery lover. But this lover didn't bring flowers to win you over. It's the lover you had a summer crush, on who gave you a kiss and let you go. Without asking for anything in return.

Unconditional love is the nurse that takes care of you when you reach seniority. When you can't move. When you are too old. A love that takes your best interest at heart.

Love is when you don't mind walking in the rain because you feel the rain as part of you. And you of it. And the rain is part of nature, and nature part of cosmic harmony.

Oh, sweet harmony, one that flows and is silent. A flawless crisp of the undying wish. Oh, a harmony that gives me a surge of melancholy. Tear away my insecurities, and bring back the stillness of all the unparalleled restlessness of my life. So that I may fart in peace.

And a fart seems so consequential, but when I do love myself everything is inconsequential. The breath of freedom is at the doorstep. How often do I feel freedom palpitations? That I'm so caught up hating on my own government. When I lose sight of my emotions, I cannot give that power away, for I am whole. Very wholesome indeed. And the more I dwell in this Joy, the closer I am to God.

Love is more expressive than it seems. For it does not let me self-edit my thoughts at times. But rather encourages risk, a new train of thought. Seeking a new outcome. For if my life is not ideal, love would make me confident in being assertive. Being unapologetic is self-love. Listening to intuition and making the best of all worlds. Not something most modern men can't do.


A rising star might shine bright in the sky. But to men, it might just be a dot. Only when it's as close as the Sun can the "Oh beautiful star," become the "God damn majestic Sun!" Love on earth seems distant as a star. When examine closely it's unconditional Love. A love so bright you can't help but call on God. For God is the source of it.

I dreamt that a woman asked me to dance in the park. It was dark at night, I said no but she danced around me anyways. She touched my hands and said I love you. It was not romantic love, more like an amusement of our paths crossing. The happiness of a self-fulfilled life. Enjoying the present moment and not worrying about the past or the future. That was unconditional 'attentive' warm love.

"Unconditional" is the neighbor who volunteered to cut your grass. And "Love" is when at the last minute he decides he wants nothing in return. Just a smile is enough.

Feelings are energy, oh sweet energy. So vibrant and cozy. Some emotions are ruthless and others uplifting. For what must I do to feel uplifted? "Forgiveness is the key, love is the answer." That is the message that can be heard from the great beyond. My life depends on how much I expressed the little love I have. Nothing is lost, everything everywhere leaves a footprint on tomorrow. And tomorrow ripples in the distance. Affecting everyone.

Uplifted I am. When I listen to beautiful music. And it can be different for everyone. Sad but happy, fragile yet strong. The trees give oxygen and fruit, but at the same time, they can't talk. Oh, I lament when they die. For their love keeps me alive.

For all creatures need love. For they have the potential to give unconditional love. Why must I take that away? They fight to stay alive. And they die caring for their descendants. Are we not the same? Oh, gentle love. One where Nature becomes ruthless to Nature, yet righteous.

Righteousness can be expressed by discernment of the intellectual mind. Yet you must let go of the mind and embrace the heart. For the heart must guide the mind, to keep it sane and happy. Both the mind and the heart can be broken. However, if you find the balance between the two you will walk the path to reach the third, which is 'peace'

And what part of the body is responsible for peace, I will tell you for this knowledge will benefit you. It's the gut. The second brain. Breathing from the lower abdomen and peace you should find. Keep all three parts of the body happy and joy you should find.

Unconditional love is balance, for if you find balance in yourself. Creative and intuitive forces should find you. Enough balance and you will see 'clearly ' in the muddiness of your life. And if you feel resourceful to clean your life up. Your life will also find balance. Completing this cycle will give you unparalleled reasons to feel unconditional love.


Don't let fear get you stuck, for the underlying darkness compresses your soul, leaving you unable to even process any other feelings. Cast out that darkness. Fear is only good in small quantities, to help you avoid fires. But you must examine it, for fear and anger are the opposite of love.

Oh gentle mind, for in the midst of my chaos I have found peace. I wonder what many wish to accomplish. The leaves fall and the breeze takes it away, for everything is taken care of.

In pursuit, I am, Oh quiet rudimistric love waiting in my redemption. The sensation of my warm fuzzy being. A being of unconditional love. A being that fixed my detrimental state. Achieving greatness in the lowest lows.

For chaos is a Rollercoaster of life, a life worth living. With moments of joy and moments of stupidity. Treasuring the smile of a new baby or when I forgot the keys to the car because it was for a good cause, for if I was driving there would have been an accident down the road. That is unconditional love.

And that love might not spark from your loved ones alone. It might be the whole universe or (God) contemplating your actions and sending opportunities to express the wishes that your heart desires. For each soul seeks spiritual wisdom. Spiritual contentment.

Children of this day and age look up to us. For when we were children we looked up to our ancestors. We feed of the attention we get from people, for we are all one. We share our pains and our highs, we feel compassion and unity. Please don't let go of the wonders of those feelings, because many blessings are yet to come.

And a blessing is a funny thing, for it comes in different forms. From retailers helping you find soap to coworkers staying late just so that he/she can keep you company. Inescapable beauty is the blessing of love. For it can still find you, as much as you look for it.

Taken back by the sudden surge of happiness I am. Because gentle caresses are silent yet powerful, and the atomic booms make more sound. Don't be distracted by hate and violence, for it barks like a dog in the kingdom of God. And everything is already said in the book of life, so why worry? For we are taken care of, even in our darkest nights we are not alone. Those seasons will change and my heart of stone soften.

When you love your body and give it care. That is regeneration. Oh gracious care, relationship with the body is important. Body you are my temple, my church, the ground for the holy spirit. And you are the vehicle that takes me on this journey of finding myself.

Patience is a virtue, of the unconditional, undying remedy of good contemplation of thoughts and emotions. For when you are patient with yourself and others you will find the treasures of heaven.

When giving second chances, again and again, you will find comfort in the calmness of the mind and soul. That it might feel that you are in Intune with something more profound, more spiritual than you could ever think possible. Because you return to your roots, your peace, your center. Some call it meditation. I call it finding your authentic self.

May this gentle calmness reassure me of well-meant behavior, so that I may taste my silence with the lord, one that is built upon peace and wisdom. A wisdom that penetrates every fiber of my being, and makes me one with love. One with life and beauty.


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