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Words And Actions Hurt

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Here I write what I've felt Read at your own discretion.

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The beginning

Chapter 1

To begin, it all started in 6th grade. I saw a someone at my aunt's house that went to my school. I found out that her mom was dating my cousin. My cousin is older of course. This is when the bullying started. It first started with her and her friend. Later on it started happening by neighbors in my grade. She somehow got two good friends of mine and turned them against me. The bullying began at the bus stop before and after school on the bus. Then it began in school as well. The constant name calling and being talked about behind my back was too much to handle. Physical attacks started happening on the bus. I started to self-harm on a daily basis. Suicidal thoughts constantly filled my head.

Anger outbursts began to happen because I struggled a lot trying to tell teachers and the principal what was going on and no one believed me. I attempted suicide multiple times. I didnt know what was coming next. My second anger outburst, several officers came to to help. But this one officer was off. He was very touchy. Not in a sexual way. He was trying to put handcuffs on me because I was crying and trying to tell them about the bullying. They couldn't understand what I was saying cuz my crying was bad and every time I tried to talk I cried more. And I got put into the mental hospital on my birthday which was really hard for me. I never thought I would be bullied.

A few weeks went by and the bullying was still happening. I got on the bus to go home and to my suprise, I was sitting behind the two girls who started to bully me from the start. They called me names that hurt me and I held back from crying. They then grabbed me and grabbed my hair and started hitting over and over. No one around tried to stop it. I tried screaming for help and nothing. I hit one of the girls once and I felt really bad about it and apologized. After what felt like a really long time of the hitting I got home and I didnt say anything and just went somewhere quiet to self-harm. My mom asked what happened at school and I said I had a good day with my friends and learned a lot. I made sure she didn't see my existing scars and fresh cuts.

I then had to go to court with my mom because the two girls said that i tried to kill them. I'm not capable of doing that. I'm kind to everyone and everything, always have been. My mom and I were called back and the officer was there and I told the woman what happened so did the officer told her and my mom. During the discussion I barely had the chance to talk. My mom was trying to let me speak but the woman and the officer clearly refused. The officer then suggested I should be put on probation. The woman agreed and I was on probation until 7th grade. My mom was furious and so was I.

I got kicked out from the school and began going to a special needs school. And was constantly in and out of the mental hospital. When I reached 8th grade my mom told me the officer that suggested probation has been fired. Fired because he's ruined other families lives and made it difficult. She told me that the new officer was female and he wont ever be a cop again even if he tried. That made me so happy and relieved. Being in 8th grade made me happy. I moved out of the toxic environment and moved somewhere where I know I'm safe. In 8th grade I made friends and was in art club, anime club, theater, drum club. I took care of the therapy pets we had.

Once I started high school I was scared and worried it would happen again. Freshman year, I stopped it myself from happening by telling teachers and they handled it. I haven't been bullied in a long time. I did get my voice heard and it got me far and made me who I am today.

Fast forward during my Junior year of high school I got covid and it messed up my body. My upper back, i cant feel feel when I scratch it. My doctor said it effects people differently. I was scared I passed it to others at school. We were doing online and in person for school. I stayed in the hospital for a week and two days. I didnt get it bad. I have asthma which I'm glad that all that happened was that I had flu like symptoms and lost my taste and smell. Even after I was tested negative, I had no taste and smell for about two months and it's back.

I'm now going to be a senior and I already have plans. I want to be a medical assistant and study more to be a nurse. I also want to work at an animal shelter or an animal hospital that brings back the animals and brings them back out to the owners and their new family.
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