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Tied to the mafia man.

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LUCA Vitiello is the Mob boss of the New York outfit. He has taken More than half of the US underworld under his control. He is colder than Ice and he doesn't have any emotions. He is seen less and speaks even less. Only a select few ever saw him directly. Most of them are 6 feet under the ground. Emma Costello is the unwanted daughter of an ex-mafia boss, born out of wedlock. She was treated like a maid in her father's home. She hides her true face with dark foundation, Big black-rimmed spectacles, braces on her otherwise fine teeth, and clothes two sizes too big for her. He is cold, She is warm. Could her warmth melt the ice around his heart? "Don't even try little kitten. I found you. Now you belong to Luca Vitiello" he whispered in her ear. Will Luca be able to save Emma, from the people to whom his father sold her for money? Will they get a happily ever after.

Poetry / Horror
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Chapter 1:Emma Costello.

  Emma is tied to a chair, blindfolded and gagged. She is scared out of her mind.

  ’How did I ended up here? All I remember is going out of the house to escape from the wandering hands and eyes of Amber's friends. She is throwing a party again tonight, and all Emma wanted was to stay away from being raped by one of her male friends. So she usually sneaks away until the party is over.

  Her room is in the basement, which is not a very safe place to sleep in when there is no lock on the door to hide inside.

  “Did she wake up?” a gruff voice asked, making her jump with fright.

  Everyone around laughed at her.

  “She is scared easily. Are you sure she is the Costello’s daughter?” one of them asked.

  “Yes,” the other one said confidently.

  “Then remove that cover over from her head. I heard she is a beauty” One of them commented.

  Then suddenly, the black cover that was thrown over her head was removed.

  Emma blinked a couple of times to adjust to the harsh lighting over her head. She looked around a little and confirmed that she is in a warehouse somewhere.

  “Disgusting” one of the guys shuddered looking at her face.

  She felt a little relieved that her face is repulsive to these guys. Emma looked at the man who just commented.

  He is a made man and she never saw him in their villa before. So she understood some other outfit planned to kidnap Amber but instead kidnapped her.

  “Who are you?” the guy who removed the cover away from her head asked. He jumped away from her with disgust.

  “I am Emma, I am a maid in the Costello villa” she whispered with fear in her face and voice.

  The guy who removed the headcover glared at the one who is standing away from the group of made men surrounding her. He is standing alone and alert.

  “Is she the daughter of Costello?” he asked the lone man with confusion.

  “She is” Marco replied.

  “But she is claiming herself as a maid,” Steve said with confusion.

  “Wait for the Boss. He wanted me to kidnap this girl” MARCO said with a blank face, playing with the small pocket knife, he usually carries with him.

  Marco knows many things these guys don’t. His Boss Luca Vitiello is searching for the sister of his best friend Gio DeLuca. The girl who is sitting on the chair, tied and helpless is the bastard daughter of Frank Costello. He has another daughter Amber.

  Amber is two years older than Emma and is very beautiful. She is tall, lean, and is called the most beautiful girl in the family.

  Marco looked away from the ugly girl he kidnapped with disinterest. He knows Gio and even saw his mother. Both of them are fair and can be considered good-looking. But this girl is ugly and can also be called a freak.

  Emma looked around her with fear. Yes, her step-sister Amber is a beauty. But no one knows the original Emma.

  Emma is small, with her 5.4 height, and is also Slim. Emma has her mother’s features. Her eyes are hazelnut colored and her hair reddish-brown.

  Her face can be considered beautiful, with fair spotless skin and good features. Emma has a very good figure. But she is scared to get noticed in the family.

  As a maid, if one of the made men rape her, no one will protect her. So She wears huge black-rimmed glasses, even though she doesn’t need them. She uses braces, even though her teeth are straight and perfect.

  She wears a dark-colored foundation on her exposed skin, to look darker than her usual fair skin tone. Her clothes are loose and ill-fitting, not at all suitable for her frame.

  But living between the made men is like living in the middle of the beasts. You should always be on guard. So she disguised herself as a freak. That worked and no one usually looks at her a second time. She usually blends in well with her surroundings, never garnering attention to herself.

  LUCA Vitiello is the Boss of the New York outfit. Since the time he became the Boss, he started to take over almost half the other outfits under his control. Now, more than half of the US underworld is controlled by him.

  He is colder than Ice and he doesn’t have any emotions. He is seen less and speaks even less. Only a select few ever saw him directly. Most of them are 6 feet under the ground.

  Even the Costello family is scared of him. Frank lost all his fortune when the Russians attacked his outfit. He ran like a coward and is currently living in New York with his permission.

  Luca was busy in search of Emma for the last one and half years. His best friend and his trusted confidant and his underboss, Gio. He took the bullet intended for him and died. The bullet pierced Gio’s heart and all he said in his last moments was for him to find and protect Emma, his stepsister.

  Finally, after searching every outfit out there, he stumbled upon a small piece of information, which one of the close relatives of Frank Costello revealed in his drunken stupor.

  Frank has another daughter, who looks ugly as a crow and works as a maid in his house. That’s when Luca found out about Emma.

  The same girl, he ordered to be kidnapped by Marco.

  Luca walked inside the warehouse, where the girl is held. All the guys who present there instantly stopped talking.

  Everyone is scared of Luca. He is a devil in disguise. He is ruthless and could kill countless people if he needs to without even blinking his eyes.

  Emma noticed the sudden silence around her. Her heart pounded with more fear. She felt her heart might give out if it started to beat at this pace. The silence felt like the storm before the calm.

  She heard the approaching footsteps of someone. She raised her head and looked at a man older than her in a black suit and cold calculating grey eyes.

  He is very handsome for a man from a girl’s point of view. But She is living in their world for far longer than she liked.

  She knows looks can be deceiving. The dangerous dark aura this man is carrying around him clarifies her analysis.

  He is not a person whom we should have as an enemy. Sweat beaded on her forehead and upper lip with tension and fear.

  She knows he Is the one who will decide her fate. Emma did not know what she did to deserve this fate, but by their words earlier, it is something to do with her father.

  She gulped with fear. She is terrified and weak.

  Luca looked at the girl, who is weak and shaking like a leaf in the breeze. His hawk-like eyes miss nothing much.

  He noticed the slight discoloration on her skin, where the sweat trickled down from her forehead. The area around her mouth, where she was gagged is in a different color than the rest of her face. Her glasses look too big on her small oval face.

  The braces she has in her mouth came off a little, showing her straight white teeth when she is trying to control her anxiety and fear. She worrying her lower lip between her teeth unconsciously.

  “All of you get out” he commanded his men in a cold emotionless tone.

  The girl flinched with fear. For some odd reason, he found her reaction cute.

  As soon as he issued the command, all the men silently shuffled out of the warehouse.

  “Bring me a bucket of water Marco,” he told his right-hand man.

  Marco nodded his head.

  ‘What is the Boss up to now? As far as he knows, she is Gio’s step-sister. Why does he need water for?’ he thought in his head but didn’t dare to ask the capo out loud.

  As soon as Emma heard about water, her eyes widened and her lower lip trembled with fear.

  ‘Will he torture me?’ she thought fearfully.

  Tears pooled in her eyes, before slowly sliding down her cheeks.

  Luca looked at her teary eyes but did not say anything. She is living among the made men all her life. If it was anyone else, then they would have eaten her alive. You should never show weakness in front of your enemy.

  She looks too weak for this life. No wonder Gio wanted him to protect his sister.

  Marco dutifully brought a bucket of water.

  “Boss,” Marco said as he stood there with the water bucket.

  “Dump the water on her head,” Luca said without a flicker of emotion on his face.

  Marco is confused by the command, but he did not dare to delay. He immediately Dumped the water on the girl’s head.

  The girl gasped with shock and then coughed violently.

  Luca watched the girl struggling to clear her eyes from the water.

  He waited patiently for her to collect herself. Slowly, as he expected the water to clear the black color from her face, her ugly spectacles fell on the ground along with half-hanging braces.

  “Holy shit” Marco muttered, looking at the beautiful specimen in front of him.

  ‘No wonder Boss wanted to me to dump water on her head’

  Emma is even more scared now.

  “Untie her,” Luca said looking at the hyperventilating girl tied to that chair.

  He is a man in his prime. He noticed her nipples poking from her sorry excuse of a dress because of the cold water.

  She has a slender waist and round bottom.

  ‘If she looks like this when drowned and disoriented, then how would she look when she is dressed in fine clothes and makeup’ he thought with amusement.

  As soon as she was untied, herself-preservation kicked in and Emma tried to run away.

  But before she could take a dozen steps away from him, he caught her easily around her waist and pull into tom tightly.

  “Don’t even try little kitten. I found you. Now you belong to Luca Vitiello” he whispered in her ear.

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