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lessons from life - little stories

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in life, I've seen people doing many mistakes, and i know that people are blinded, my mission is to open their eyes with these little stories

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Chapter 1

A little boy loved to play football. He loved the game, but every time he wouldn’t be confident and think: “what if I didn’t win?”. Then the boy loses every confidence possible and ends up always by losing. One day, a man put a rock on the way of the boy, then introduced himself to the boy as his coach from the future, he told him: “the proof is that you will fall when you will walk”. The boy didn’t give any interest and then he tripped because of that stone. So the boy believed, then the coach said: “in this game you will win”. so the boy was so sure, he wasn’t scared at all. And he won this game. The day after, the man came and repeated: “in today’s game, you will win”. So the boy won. And it repeated until one day, while the man was talking to the boy, a girl came and asked him:

-hello doctor Wily, have my reports finally come out?

-Are you a doctor? Asked the boy strangely.

Then the man gave reports to the girl and replied:

-You know what you always think in your life, “what if I didn’t?” but you have to think “what if it did?” Have you ever heard of the fear of the dark?

-Yes, replied the boy. Why?

-Listen, if a little boy was afraid of the dark, if he had the light on the table in front of him, what do you want him to do, to walk a little bit in the dark but open the light? or to stay in the dark scared and afraid?

-Of course to walk and take the light! Why?

-Because you’re a boy that is stuck in a dark room, witch its light is confidence. You’re scared to reach that light because you would have to walk in fear. You should earn confidence in yourself, because if you don’t, you’ll stay in that dark room afraid all your life and not attaining the light.

From that day on, this doctor cured that boy and cleaned the virus of fear that imprisoned him in the room of the dark.

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