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lessons from life - little stories

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chapter 2

a little girl lived in the streets … she didn’t have any clothes to wear not anymore, any food to eat not anymore, any water to drink not anymore, she didn’t have anything to be stolen not anymore, any heart to be broken not anymore, anyone to live for not anymore. She just had herself and her god witch she strongly believed he was up there. She got intrigued by the people telling her that sometimes she would be fine. She was very innocent, when people tell her to buy them water in exchange for money; she does and then they go without giving her anything… she trusted time but she didn’t have to because, when she did nothing happened. No one gave her any money. She spent more than two days under the sun without any food or water. So she started to get weak, weaker and weaker until she was going to die. So a man saw her lying on the streets in front his shop so he gave her 2 dollars. She was happy, people would have thought she’s as happy as a mother that found her daughter. Well, it’s true … the little girl entered the store looked at the cold thirsty water to drink on a hot summer day, then she turned her back, she looked at the small delicious cake and turned her back. What happened? Was the prize to high? The man checked the prize, every one caught 1 dollar… so why didn’t she bought them. Then he looked at her strangely. She took a candle that caught 2 dollars. She spent all the money she had for a candle. What would she do with a non-useful candle? The man was a little bit expecting more … so he followed her. She entered the church lighten up the candle and said : “ god ; I had 2 dollars that I spent for your candle but I am happy with it, because a delicious cake would be eaten in less than a minute then I’ll get hungry again in days. A cold delicious water would be drunk in one minute in this hot day but tomorrow I’ll get thirsty again. But my faith in you wouldn’t go by days, because it takes one moment in time to spend money; but a lifetime to pray just to get a family.” Then the man smiled and approached. He gave her a piece of cake and the water… but she didn’t accept:

-Mr., I appreciate your concern and your guilty feeling for me, but I don’t have any money to buy the prize of this cake.

-You know little girl, people say they believe but today it’s the first time I see a true believer. You had no food for days and no water for days but when you got the money you didn’t buy them. You bought a candle to pray. Your faith in god is really strong. I offer you these without money or exchange because I really missed seeing days where people like you still lived in this world. And unfortunately, rare you find it. I am really happy, and today I am saying it by being a man in this world, I am giving you those without money because your faith is stronger than money, it is something money can’t buy.

These words ended my paragraph happily; maybe he called her “little girl” but days after he called her “little daughter”. And that is how this story comes to an end.

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