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Part Two

Some days I grow weary, and
others I wait till my eyes are bleary.
When will the day come where I
conclude this ride?

Will I still stay by your side and
watch you learn how to manage not
one heart but two, including your own?

By fortune you once told me that
I was the one
that would stay by your side.

Sometimes I wish you hadn’t told me when
I pried. I am bequeathed with regret slightly so
to know that I might let you down.

I will not say if it has made me feel
obliged to stay, but I will say that
hearing that has changed me in some way.

Here, I would say
“Oh heart, oh heart!” But
it is not this day.

Perhaps I shall take up your advice and
jettison myself away. Should I
take a leaf out of your book?

Would you blame me then? You gave me doubts;
knowingly planting seeds in my mind and
expecting me, oh dear, dear, me,
to pretend that you didn’t mean what you said.

Somedays I grow weary… Some days…
It is this day.

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