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Would you like to go out on a date with me??

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I'm not good at saying words and also sharing my feelings but I do know how to write poetry but stories just aren't for me. This is how I feel about you but I understand that you dont for me. Please give me a chance. This is your story/poetry.

Poetry / Mystery
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Let me put my all in this for you.

There was once a young lad , who fell for a girl.
They had the sweetest young love , the most amazing little moments, she was on cloud 9.
She loved him with all her heart , couldn't ask for more.
However, she did him wrong and blew things a part
Although , she never stopped loving him.
Years past and she always wandered about him.
She kept thinking of his stunning eyes , those cute freckles , his soft hair and his scrumptious lips.
But most importantly, did he ever think of her?

Now that she speaks to him , still able to be weird and cute to each other.
Everytime his name pops up , she has those old butterflies flutter around.
She looses all sense of the language English and capability to type back.
She still cant believe he is single because he is definitely worth the mingle.

Now that she has embarrassed herself by doing something cheesy and it wasn't exactly easy.
This is the scariest thing for her to do.
She is opening her arms and heart to you.

C.J.B , would you like to go on a date with her?
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