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Between the Spaces

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There is a word that has
been circling 'round my head.
It's a word that means
the end before the beginning
and shows a battle lost
before it was fought.
A sword in my heart,
two more beside it.
When it's all so futile,
how do you let go of it?
It never began,
but it has taken your mind hostage.
It has bound you with ropes,
circled you with swords.
you're aware you have a way out,
but that path isn't clear yet.
It's foggy and uncertain
and the moon falls
when you don't want to see it
but there it is,
laying in your lap.
How do you forget
what never happened?
How do you pull those swords out?
Now the 3 swords
have been joined by 7 more
and the next thing you know
the water is lapping
at your side as you lay there
outstretched and broken.
And the only thing you can wish
is that you'd made it
out into the water
before the swords struck.
Maybe then instead
of laying there in defeat,
you could have
let the water take you home.
Futile is a word I can't get out of my head.
It always lays beside You.
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