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My seven deadly sins (3/7)

Poetry / Other
Aerianna H.
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𝟏. 𝐄𝐍𝐕𝐘.


The one with the snow white skin and cherry
blossom lips. The one who holds the most
hearts. Adored by everyone around
him. A picture perfect smile and a
millionaire's laugh. She was
God's favourite woman.
She was perfect.
A statue made⠀
from gold.
Help me be like
her. I want everything
She has. Wrap me in her scent,
hang me on the wall in her image.
Tell me how much you want me around.
Cover me in her skin and grant me the pearl
of her smile. I want nothing more than to be her.

𝟐. 𝐋𝐔𝐒𝐓.


Your beautiful silk-like hair flows in the wind
as your eyes shimmer in the day's light. With
lips as soft as the bed we lay on. You speak like honey to my ears with hands as gentle as the flap of a butterfly's wings; I fall endlessly in love with you. I crave for others to touch me in the same way that you do.



Seeing you with her makes me want to end
my days early. Knowing that the lips that
onced danced across my body now
dance across someone else's.
Jealousy and temptation
along with anger.
left a trail
of tears
my cheeks,
the mixture
of my sweat and
tears seems to attract
the worst of them— like a bee
to a flower. Love is with lust as anger
is with passion. An exasperated sensation
rides its way through my body, based on the essence of you.
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