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Random Poems

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This is just a place for me to put all the random poems I end up writing.

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The Sinking Ship

The ship would be setting sail soon
But I was still not packed
I hurried the best I could
But something held me back

I arrived as she was sailing
I watched without a sound
I walked to the nearest bench
And mournfully sat down

How sad that the Captain was my friend
I sat there quietly thinking
But soon the Captain called me
"The ship, she is a-sinking!"

"We are taking on water
And the crew are just watching!"
I asked if they could fix the damage
"I'll try," as I heard their splishing and sploshing

As the Captain hung up
I walked up and down the docks
But soon again the Captain called me
"The damage was fixed, but now it is not"

So I told them to patch the biggest leak
And then to go from there
The Captain hung up after agreeing
While I searched for a boat to take my fare

Soon the Captain called again
"The patchwork has faded and what is going on?
We are taking on water
But of course the crew is gone"

"They are up on the deck
Playing silly games
We have no choice but to evacuate
But of course I'll be forced to take the blame!"

Again the Captain hung up
I have yet to find a boat
To take me to my destination
But at least I'm still afloat

The Captain called me
For the final time
And the tale they told me next
Filled the heart of mine

"The passengers are fighting
About who sits next to who
But the boat is quickly sinking
And I don't know what to do!"

"Some lifeboats have been launched
But they are drifting in different ways.
None wish to work together!"
For once I didn't know what to say

The Captain hung up
I was sure the Captain would die
For they would most likely go down with the ship
I sat while hours were passing by

Soon a rescue boat floated in
And passengers came ashore
But to my surprise
Forward came one person more

The Captain came to me
And offered me a ride
But this time a different crew
Shall be right by their side

I looked to the shining sea
As we gracefully sailed away
And perhaps it was fate that held me back
But either way I was glad I had stayed
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