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where i randomly play with words.

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what if?

what if, one day
we take a different road

eat pomegranate in silence, lying on the open green grass

the butterflies won't mind, will they?

i'll pick up one of the daisies and tell you how it speaks oddly to me with a strange calmness
we'll talk about our fantasies, dreams, and proclivity for fiction
how it soothes us,
calms us
from the mundanities.

and you will do some paintings, maybe?

you'll show me the clouds
and ask "which shape does this cloud speak to you?"
i'll softly chuckle at your naiveness
and say "that one reminds me of the cat i saw in my dream yesterday".

while listening to the 90s playlist,

i'll tell you about my dearest words and poems
about the gesture of sunrise and how it purifies my soul
about the peace i felt the other day while drinking tea and watching the enamel-blue sky

maybe, we will enact some scenes from favorite movies,that won't be bad,what say?

then taking a chirping bird in the hand we'll dive into the sunset

at night, a sky full of explicable stars will greet us with a happy face, will find our own constellation

perhaps this day of tranquility doesn't ask for a goodbye

hence, we won't say any

maybe some day,we'll start from this again
a day of fantasy
a day of ourselves
a day of silence
a day of fleeting yet palpable moments.

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