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Save The Planet

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The Earth is dying each day, and each day we do little about it.

Poetry / Horror
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I Do Command

I do command the waters and seas and those beneath;
As I am the embodiment of hell's teeth.
Those whom pursue my richest pearls feel their spine shiver;
as they do not know the scent of Prometheus' liver.
Those whom pursue my horned caves and cold-water shrines
follow up in hundreds of lines!
A dead race built on greed and malice, and dead bones -
you are all nothing but slaves; clone after clone.
Your histrionic actions thread generation upon generation;
While your elders claim it was apart of some grand calculation.
Yet for us a rest from your wars is a Centurion celebration.

I do command the air and wind and those above;
Where humanity and empathy you are void of.
A pile of dead corpses and stinking carcass -
was the only way to awake you from your trance darkness!
Even Achilles could no keep up at the rate you turned barbaric;
For he lost all his breath to radiation and pollution atmospheric.
Your sun burns and pierces your shrivelled skin;
When you promised to stick with each other thick and thin.
I lack the honor for liars and cruellists alike,
While you follow the leader, hurling along, all sheep-like.
What happened to the brave? The strong - those who hunger strike?

I do command the Earth and ground and those amidst;
``We are still a community,`` You continue to weakly insist.
You search in caves for minerals to strip the planet of,
And your only concern is fuel; or lack thereof.
Destruction of habitats and species too,
Yet you don't put fossil burning on a taboo?
You sit and laugh at those who seem stranger; weaker; or different,
As the planet's cries and begs remain vociferant.
You torture and torment people who stick out,
And allow me to ask your, honest and straight out -
what is all this for or about?

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