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This is me being my most expressive self. I hope you feel what l feel and see what l see as you read my work. Enjoy the book. This one's for poetry lovers.

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I sank deep into vast water.
No one to save me or watch after. Indecisiveness led me to sink deeper. As l looked over launder.
The tides swept me off my feet. No boat, no ship , no floating wood. I was sinking and sinking deep.
Like an anchor my thoughts led me to sink to the bottom. I was chained. Chains running through my body and around my hands and legs. A beautiful lock to crown it all up on my neck.
I was sinking and sinking deep. I cannot move forward or backward. I am in a constant loop. The insanity.
But l must keep vigilant. Sharks surround me at every moment. They smell my blood right from the inside of my skull. They wait for me. They wait for me to make the wrong move. They wait for me to let my guard down.
And the moment l do, they will attack. Rip my body to shreds. Grind and pound my bones until there is nothing left. But dust. Ruin me completely. Devour my insides and leave no trace that l ever existed. Off the deep end end.

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