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My Tortured Soulmate

Two souls broken and hurt. Two souls woven by luck. It was strange yet familiar. The first time l saw him. He was dashing and damn attractive. I was bold, beautiful and a tad bit shy.

The sincerity in his eyes attracted me to him. Broken, misunderstood, lost and looking for someone to love. Fragile yet manly. They way his face moved every time he chuckled. His brown skin and God given height.

I felt it, I saw it, his soul was lost and so was mine. Would he take a chance with this damaged girl. My pat taunts me and cuts through my heart with laser sharp edges. My loved ones, the only thing keeping me one step from suicide.

Depression, its like poison that drips through my veins. Gashing through my blood but doesn't kill me. Each day l struggle, keeping it from him. Being happy and loving again.

Two souls, two broken and hurt souls. With him l am complete. I feel safe, I feel warm, I feel comfortable. Because he knows what am going through and reads every thought and reads every thought going through my head.

I was sinking, falling and possibly drowning in love. I hope he never leaves. My tortured soulmate.

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