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I am who I am,

It is who I have always been,

I laugh, I love,

And very apt to sin,

I have been held up,

I have been thrown down,

Bleeding and broken,

Dragged myself from the ground,

I have climbed high,

I have fallen,

Have answered readily,

To temptation's calling,

I am kept sane,

By voices in my mind,

Where I stand unchanged,

By the passing of time,

I have voluntary chains,

But am incredibly free,

Twisted and strange,

Exactly how I want to be,

I do not ask for approval,

Even from those so dear,

I refuse to live bound,

By what others may fear,

Take me if you can,

Hate me if you wish,

Come with your swords,

Or seductive kiss,

Either way,

You will find,

Victory is sweet,

And always, always mine.

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