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For Them

You have to be strong,

Never let your weakness show,

Never let it get to you,

Until they are old enough to know.

You have to smile,

And to be kind,

Hide your tears,

Until they need to know when to cry.

Don’t give in to fear,

Even when you are afraid,

Never tell them,

To lie in the bed they made,

Though you may be broken,

Grin as you bleed,

Chose the right time,

To teach them the things they need,

For this life is hard,

It preys on the weak,

Who have no protection,

No haven to seek,

Give your best,

Get up when you fall,

You are the example,

And their eyes see it all,

This is your trust,

Both fathers and mothers,

To protect, teach, and love,

Above all others.

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