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Three Skulls

Three skulls,

Sitting in the black,

Crying for their lives,

And all they had lacked.

The first was shiny,

the color of golden honey,

Had given his all,

For the greed of money,

In great piles,

Were jewels he had cried,

For now, he had them,

But no longer had life.

The second gleamed silver,

Craving great fame,

Had given his all,

So the world knew his name,

Surrounded by flowers,

A celebrated festival,

But forever alone,

high on his pedestal.

The third was stark white,

He had wanted power,

Played the game of politics,

And caused his final hour,

Offered up so much,

Family, friend, and lives stole,

Only to rest here,

On the mound of their bones.

Three skulls,

Sitting in the black,

Mourning sorrowfully,

For what can never come back.

The moral here,

For power, fortune, and fame,

Be careful in life,

For its end you cannot change.

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