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History Repeated

Eight hundred eleven years ago,

A grand empire came to be known,

But what did that dominance cost?

Sixty million souls who were lost,

For what great cause was so cruel?

Only man’s desire to rule.

Three hundred ninety-nine past,

A conflict of thirty years did last,

Over a person’s right to their soul,

Eight million was its lasting tole,

But that is of no consequence,

To man’s lust for dominance.

Over rock, stick, and stones,

Two hundred fourteen years ago,

For irritation, rage, and supposed doom,

Six and one half million lives consumed,

Played by jealousy and deceitful lies,

All for the sake of man’s stout pride.

Back one hundred and fifty-six years,

Time still echo’s the mothers tears,

For her sons his brothers did kill,

Their reasons are debated yet still,

Eight hundred thousand lives spent,

By man’s constant unending dissent.

Than at one hundred twenty-three,

Another horror we did see,

The ground below soaked in red,

For the twenty million people dead,

Why did they meet their final hour?

The fact remains that man craves power.

At one hundred and three devastation unfurled,

The shock of it felt throughout the world,

Barley time to kiss babies and lovers,

They ran to their end in untold numbers,

Over fifty million lives were stole,

For man’s relentless want to control.

Just seventy-eight years ago,

Was the most staggering ever known,

The sacrifice so very high,

Saw the termination of seventy million lives.

Why, why did they fall so endlessly,

All for man’s belief of his own supremacy.

There is more before and after,

The pain, tragedy, and silence of laughter,

Why does this pattern always endure?

Why is the price of suffering forever assured?

Why are they fed into those hellish pits?

Truly, It is simply because we allow it.

How many times have we forgotten,

Let ourselves be corrupt and rotten,

How long will we turn away,

And let our minds and hearts be swayed,

By the will of man conceited,

Is so this, our history repeated.

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