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Her feelings are indescribable and to the world, she's belittled. Still, she never ceased to believe for anyone, someone who might just unravel what's behind the truth, the lies, and the disguised.

Poetry / Drama
M. J.
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Bullets and Roses

Bang! You shot me.

Straight to the heart.

Undeniably, I bled.

You’re more than enough reason why.

Bang! You shot me.

Straight through the mind.

Unpredictably, you made me insane.

All I could do is think about you every day.

Bang! You shot me.

Not just twice, but three times.

Expectantly, I called for help.

And what you did broke my heart.

Bang! You shot me.

Damn, it was pretty bad.

This time, I didn't stand up.

That's when the old me, died.

Bang! You run out of bullets.

Although now it was different,

The loud sound I created was mine.

I felt myself hyperventilating — collapsing.

You were the suspect,

Found guilty of a crime.

You killed a girl who gave her love.

Now she stopped, and finally gave up.
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