the miserable life of a miserable teenager

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Book 2 to the short “free form” poetry collection series. Once again, kind of a diary documenting the ever growing problem that is my mental health and just growing up with far too many voices in my head. Along with some of the random thoughts, I spend way too much time replaying. In first person, to give you a look at the direct feeling of being nobody to nothing. (TW: depression, r*pe, talk of s*icide, e*ting disorder, self-h*rm, ad*iction.)

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Growing up I never wanted to hurt animals,

Like some psychopath.

I wanted to hurt people,

Like a normal person.

!Trigger Warning!

Talk of suicide, depression, eating disorders, addiction, rape, self- harm, death, blood, etc.

This collection gets dark dark, so if you feel it may be a little too much for your mental state, please don’t be embarrassed to stop reading. There are trigger warnings in the title of each poem that may have more triggering language, but keep in mind the entire collection is referencing tough topics. This is about my personal experience, so don’t feel pressured to relate directly or continue reading if you’re triggered. It’s a heavy subject and I hope this collection helps someone, but at the same time I know it can harm someone and that is the last thing I want. So please, be cautious with your triggers and otherwise, enjoy!
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