Mated With My Own Worst Enemy?

By hallybartholomew All Rights Reserved ©

Poetry / Fantasy


Jade Lightwood, named for her bright green eyes, is a werewolf, and an important one at that. She’s unique for a wolf because of the fact that she, as well as her twin brother Micah, have special powers. These powers come from the fact that their father is the alpha of their pack. They are both exceptional warriors and very strong tacticians which comes in handy as they are members of a pack that fights with their neighboring pack fairly often. Micah is next in line for being alpha, and he has already found his mate, but Jade has had no such luck. Not that she wants a mate though. She’s the kind of girl that doesn’t believe in love and thinks that all the love stories are garbage. Boy was she wrong… Cole Hunt, is the son of the alpha of his pack. As the oldest son, he’s next in line for being alpha, but that’s not something he wants. He’s a total jackass as well as a player and is always pulling idiotic stunts to see if his father won’t change his mind about him becoming alpha in the future. After being sent away to military school for a year, he’s finally back home to face everyone that he had left behind. He’s not looking for a mate, but he may just find one on his

Chapter One


“That was awesome, high five, Sis!” my twin brother Micah called to me and we slapped our hands together in happiness. He was sporting a cut on his cheek, but as I watched, it started to disappear, that’s werewolf healing for you.

We had just gotten out of a battle with our neighboring pack. Our packs were constantly at war and had been for over 100 years, but Micah and I were used to it and had been standing on the front lines, flanking our father, since we turned 16. Our father was the alpha of our pack and Micah, being his only son, was next in line for that position. Totally sexist, right?

Needless to say, my brother and I both had immense power as the alpha’s children and were able to do things most werewolves could never imagine. These powers can only be passed down by blood so all alphas and their children have unique powers of some sort.

I could manipulate emotions and Micah could read minds. We were also very skilled fighters and tacticians and could kick ass in pretty much any fight, especially when we worked together (that was especially rare though).

“Yep, we kicked some ass, Bro,” I replied before we were both surrounded by our ecstatic pack members. God, it must really suck to be Micah right now, I mean reading minds is an advantage in battle, but outside of that, it must be a real pain in the ass.

“MICAH,” I heard a shrill scream. Oh no, Micah’s mate, Natasha, was awful. I understood the whole thing with mates constantly needing to be around each other and touching each other and shit I guess, but none of them ever think about how people around them feel.

I, personally, felt like puking when Natasha jumped into Micah’s arms and they started passionately making out, in front of everyone. Jeez, I really hoped I didn't mate any time soon, that would be so embarrassing.

“Get a room, you two!” I shouted, jokingly, even though I really meant it. “You guys are triggering my gag reflex.”

“Oh, shut up, Jade. You’re just jealous that you haven’t mated yet,” Micah replied and then grabbed Natasha’s hand and walked away.

“Sure I am!” I yelled sarcastically to their retreating figures.

Micah just chuckled and said, “You’ll see, Jade. One day, you’ll find your mate. I just hope that that day is someday soon.”

I just flipped him off and stalked off. Everyone who knew me knew that I hoped to never find my mate. Yeah, I’d heard all the stuff about how having a mate made you stronger and all that, but I for one thought it’s a load of bullshit. I mean, Micah hadn't gotten any stronger since he mated with Natasha, but he still believed in all the shit that the elders fed him.

That’s one thing that set me apart from my brother and in my opinion, it made me superior. I had always believed that you’re stronger without love and since there’s nothing to disprove that, then why not believe it?

By now, I was back at my house. I was the only one home because my parents were still at the battle site and God only knows what Micah and Natasha were doing. I shuddered as to even think of it.

I went straight to my room to check my social media. Yeah, just because I was a werewolf didn’t mean that I wasn’t a normal teenager. Well, practically normal. I mean, I was normal looking with dark brown hair, a thin frame, and pale skin. The only thing that psychically set me apart from everyone else was the fact that I had bright jade green eyes unlike the eyes of any human. That’s why my parents named me Jade.

Anyways, on facebook, only one post caught my attention. It was my best friend and fellow werewolf, Emily’s post.

Cole Hunt is back in town!! <333

Oh no. Oh shit. When he left last year, I thought the douche bag was gone for good. He was the alpha’s son in my enemy pack. He was also, my own worst enemy.

F my life.


I sat in the back of the cab on the ride to my house. I almost smiled upon seeing all of the familiar places in my hometown. Almost, but then I remembered why I left in the first place, or rather was sent away and that was enough to royally piss me off.

When the cab pulled up in front of the house, my dad was waiting for me. Getting out, I threw some crumpled bills at the driver and stepped up to my father, shaking his hand, no matter how much I despised the man.

“Cole,” he said and nodded at me approvingly, beckoning for me to follow him.

I picked up my duffel bag and followed him into the house, taking in all the familiar surroundings and smells. The house hadn’t changed at all since the last time I had been here over a year ago.

We stopped at the door to my dad’s office and he opened it, walking in and sitting down at his desk. I followed and sat in a chair opposite of him.

“Dad, stop pretending that you actually want me here and tell me why you summoned me,” I spat at him. For a second, I thought I saw hurt flash across his face but I must have imagined it because I glanced at him a second time and whatever I had seen before was gone.

“Look, Cole. I called you here because I’m getting old and planning on retiring soon. I need to show you the ropes of being alpha because no matter how much you fuck up, you are my only son and the only person that can take over the position of alpha of this pack when I step down. Also, I could use your fighting talents since the war with our enemy pack has escalated. The children of Alpha Lightwood are extremely powerful and you’re the only one I know can match their power, other than me, of course, but I’m getting far too old to be on the front lines of any battle,” he said in his business tone of voice.

“Nice to know that you still want me to be alpha, but that’s not something that I want. Also, I will not be fighting alongside an asshole like you, I don’t care if you’re my father,” I replied, pushing my chair back roughly ready to leave now that I had heard my father’s agenda.

“Sit down,” he said in his alpha voice, a stern look on his face. “Now!”

I couldn’t argue with him when he used his alpha voice. Without even voicing an objection, I returned to my seat.

“You will do as I say, you’re not yet 18 and I am your father! You best listen to me, son,” he said, in a tone of voice that I knew I couldn’t object to.

“Yes, father,” I replied, “I will do as you say.”

“Good, you are dismissed.”

Slowly, I got up and walked out of the room, my shoulders slumped.

F my life.

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