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Life poems

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Poems written by a 17 year old who has experienced death, sexual abuse, and abandonment. Don’t judge harshly.

Poetry / Drama
Kaylee Roggenbach
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People say there's 3 types of love
One being a first love
Second being teach a lesson
Third being your soulmate
I've gone through the first love
The heartbreak and pain of it all
But if he was my first
Then that means your my lesson
Which brings more pain
Something I don't want to go through
Not with you
I want you to be my epic love
I don’t care about soulmates
Well I do, being the romantic I am
But I feel like me and you?
We're epic
And how do you just lose that?
Only to be taught a lesson…
It is truly not something I want from you
I only want your love
The one thing you give me unconditionally
Why would you be my big lesson?
Is it to teach me I'm not Lovable
Because that's what it would be teaching me
If you were to go
Or is it to teach me I'm not good enough?
That's what I would feel if you left
So why?
Can you be my epic love?
Or will you be the one thing that pushes me
A little to far over the edge
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