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A foretold end

By João Santos All Rights Reserved ©



In a castle made of glace, all dreams are built to last. A mighty knight, in a shiny armor, mounted on his horse advances towards the tower. A beautiful princess, in her maiden dress, with her bright white hair that falls over her chest. Her cold look glaces to the horizon. A man? A woman? A knight? A loner? "I miss you." says the knight. "I'll kill you!", whispers the bride. "Give a try!", orders the knight now showing his handsome smile. "You left me!" , yells the woman. "Not even when i close my eyes!", says the knight now closing his own. "Let me get to you, let me hold you. My heart is burning, my body is cold. I ache for you!" She now wrestles within. "No, never you shall touch me again with your sweet fingers! Not ever shall you glance at me till the end of my years. Fall behind, forget me or I promise you, i'll hate me, for a knife in my hand i hold, and ready I am to end your life as I told! Withdraw yourself, dont get to hasty. My heart is freezing my eyes are ghastly!" Warns the princess moving her arm. "If you kill me than so be it, if you don't, someone will seed it! Blow me an arrow through the heart, thrust your sword through my soul. Burn me with your freezing hands! But hold me till the end of the world." A mighty knight now without his armor, watching his horse running wild towards the forest, goes in direction of the tower to enter his dream foretold. His clothes are no match to the cold magic indoors. He gets to the top were he opens the door. He walks, when suddenly he's cut deep to the bone. Blood spilled on the floor, he falls over his shoulder. He closes his eyes, he smiles and says, "you finally gave up on our curse." The princess weeping, falls to the knees, realizing the loss, she sticks the knife through her breast. "Now we are able to last.".
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