Seasons Girl

By J. F. David All Rights Reserved ©

Poetry / Other

Chapter 1

An empty breeze is my only company
I don’t know what, but I’m missing something
A cup of coffee, as bitter as my life
Before I’ve met you, seasons girl

The embodiment of summer is standing
Right before my eyes she is pretending
That I’m her only friend with benefits
Oh you merciless seasons girl

All the seasons are telling me
A little secret about you
You’re all changing together
While I can’t keep up with you

Can I worship you, even if nature’s dead?
Would you let me celebrate your existence?
I don’t want to leave, can I stay for longer?
My one and only seasons girl

You showed me a world full of sparkles and lights
You taught me that there are people who are nice
I never can be thankful enough to you
Ever in my life, seasons girl

It feels like we are the same
But you are so far away
So how could I be your fave
With the weak presence I have

All the seasons are telling me
A little secret about you
You’re all changing together
While I can’t keep up with you

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