Poetry for the Thinking Mind

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There was a time when love was true and speech was free

But now it’s gone and so you’ll see

That love is dead and speech is gone

It’s been a while since the sun has shone

Burdened by the weight it’s bore

Freedom, truth and love is now war

It has died, and soon so will I

I've been tortured from the painful tie

We’ve fought and fought, but there is no winning

And so, you will see me die grinning

My grin is pain, written on my face

Since I just couldn’t escape this mace

So remember me, remember us

Remember that we were given no just

Remember our wars, painfully fought

Without our words, carefully taught

In my final hours, may I say

Weapons are death when words are blown away

So lay down your weapons, use your words

Fight with peace, you are no herd

And, maybe, just maybe

Love will become true and speech will be free

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