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To love some unconditionally, you'd do anything to be with them, at the expense of your own happiness. You know smiling doesn't always mean you're happy sometimes, it simply means you're a strong person.

Side Chick

I was at my locker, selecting the books I was going to need for the class periods before lunch break. Teens doing what they do best were milling around talking and interacting with each other without a care if they were being obnoxiously loud, busy screaming and shouting excitedly at each other, just because it’s Monday—the weekend isn’t that long.


I groan inwardly but I turn to face the person who shouted my name, with a faux smile, meanwhile my tummy was filling with butterflies. Jade—the culprit was speed walking towards me with intent dragging Justin with her. Once she got next to me, she hugged me and I almost let my smile fall. Justin—the cause of my sudden case of butterflies smiled right before his eyes fell to Jade’s ass.

I rolled my eyes and he smirked. Jade swiftly let go of me, said her goodbyes and took Justin with her.

If I was being totally honest I continuously fail to understand what exactly Justin saw in her, she wasn’t his usual type, not that he has a regular type. Jade was different, she wasn’t much of a looker and her glasses made her eyes look too big for her face. The only thing was, she has a good ass, but it’s weirdly shaped. Okay, I’m being a hater—I hate her.

I hate the fact that she was dating Justin even more than when Justin dumped me and a month later he and my ex-best friend Lexi’s became a couple, I kid you not.

Justin and I’s relationship has and will always be complicated—on and off since we first became a couple five years back. After he dumped me three years ago, we never made ourselves officially a couple again, but every single year since then we somehow always finding ourselves together and breaking up.

We clicked like a key in the right lock, no one could understand the bond we shared and it wasn’t something that could be easily found with someone else. None of my various boyfriends after him could ever capture my heart, never could they be compared to him and I always ended up ending things with them, because it wasn’t fair to them, when my heart belonged to another.

It hurt me more than anything when Justin and Lexi started dating, because Lexi had always liked him and had gone behind my back to tell him so.

Watching them gallivant around, was like salt added to my open wound and everyone else didn’t make it easy for me to accept, Lexi noticed I stopped talking to her and was avoiding her. Yet she still had the audacity to ask me why, but I said nothing to her.

You know the saying you can’t break a broken heart well, it may not be possible to freshly break it but more damage could be done to a broken heart, by shattering and grinding it—that was what Lexi did. She got a new friend Jade and together they taunted me, always seeming to be near me whenever they discussed about Justin and all the “sweet” things he had done for Lexi. I couldn’t believe Lexi was ever my friend.

Justin and Lexi broke up because of me, he had come begging to have me back and I still loved him, not quite able to turn away from him so I took him back, but as usual “something” or “people” messed up our relationship and we got involved with different people, hence Jade coming into the picture.

Surprising wasn’t it? Jade moved unto Justin as soon as Lexi left town. And then you have Justin having a thing for his exes best friends, but whatever still, I always would have had him first.

I sat at a table with my girls for lunch, laughing and talking about the random things that was of interest to us. When we all stopped talking and watched has Justin walked into the cafeteria with Jade glued to his side, as if she was a part of his anatomy. I rolled my eyes and looked at my friends whose eyes were on me.


“Don’t you dare what us! That girl is with your rightful boyfriend.”

A serious looking Sally, who has a very mean no bullshit face said to me and I just sighed, looking at my plate, not ready to face her.

“You know, you two are meant to be together, even If I don’t approve of Justin...”

Natasha said and I looked at her then back to Sally. I wanted to tell them badly—my secret, but I just couldn’t bring myself to, I looked around for Justin just to find him lost in Jade’s face. My inside snagged, I really did not need this.

“You dogs in heat, should get a frigging room, we’re trying to eat!”

I looked at Justin table and regretted it at once when he caught my eye I quickly looked away and turned my glare on Anne, my best friend who very well knew the current situation I was in, she glared right back and said.

“He’s a dickhead.”

I shook my head at the lots, and quickly ate my food, I had a free period next and they didn’t, I had plans for my free period.

“I missed you all day, love.”

I turned from looking out of the window to see him standing in the doorway of the writer’s club room, looking all glorified and different shades of hot.

He entered and shut the door, but I was pissed at him, so I turned away and continued to stare out of the window.

I sensed him. He had moved closer to me, I turned and he was kneeling before me.

“I’m sorry Tasya. Jade was all over me and I couldn’t push her away.”

“Really Justin. What the hell? If I kissed another boy in front of you, tell me you would let it slide.” I waited for him to speak but when he didn’t.

“Damn you.”

I hissed at him, storming away from him, when he grabbed at one of my arms and pulled me until my body was merged with his.

“Tasya know this, no matter who I am with, I love you and only you. It’s you I want to be with and the only person stopping me is you.”

He was right, it was my entire fault and I shouldn’t be mad at him, but the jealously I felt is too hard for me to contain.

Then he started singing and I felt my anger melt away. He knew I loved his voice and he wasn’t playing fair by singing one of my favorite songs. I couldn’t help but sing along and we both started laughing, because I couldn’t sing to save the life of a puppy.

I smiled at Justin, I had a double free period while he only had a free period, he hugged me and kissed both my cheeks and lips, before he left the room.

Even though I was smiling, my inside was anything but that, as my heart had on a frown and I felt like I was drowning, Justin was mine and I had no doubt he knew I was his, but right now I had no claim to hold him for he truly belonged to another.

Anne came to find me. We had the same classes for the rest of the day. We had two more classes before gym and after that we got to call it a day with school.

Natasha and Sally met Anne and I at the parking lot, Sally had brought us all to school, since we were going to hers for a study sleepover.

“Baby-cakes, we gotta stop at the mall to get somethings.”

Natasha announced making Sally and Anne roll their eyes at her and I giggled, Natasha was always buying something.

“I love you, Justin.”

“I-I love you forever Jade.”

I felt the pain in chest, even though I shouldn’t, Anne squeezed my hands, while she glared at the happy couple who seemed oblivious to the audience before them.

“Jade, honest to God, make out with this dickhead or profess love to one another in front of me ever again and you both will end up dead.”

Anne spat at them, Justin jumped while Jade just smirked, when she caught sight of me she smiled and said totally ignoring my friends who had always made it clear they did not like her.

“Hi, Tasya!”

I smiled at her before looking away and entered Sally’s car without glancing back. Anne entered beside me and looked at me, Natasha and Sally also turned around to look at me from the front. I laughed a bit before smiling at them, they just sighed, looking away from me. Sally started off a conversation which quickly made them forget what had just occurred.

You know smiling doesn’t always mean you’re happy sometimes, it simply means you’re a strong person.

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