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WISHING....FOREVER WISHING Dreams that never come true, but forever hoping for that one chance.

Poetry / Romance
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Chapter 1

Obsession - preoccupation: an idea or feeling

that completely occupies the mind

Rewind - to wind something back to an earlier point

Memories - the ability of the mind or of a person

to recall past experiences

Ducktail, zippered boots, and the first view of a black guitar

Tangee lipstick, English Leather,

long hair and a peek into the future

Bellbottoms, suede vests,

and a chain around your neck with the letter ‘N’

Suntans, beaches full of white sand,

and a transistor radio that played your songs

Ivory buckskins, blond guitar, and a pinky finger

that helped the others find their places

A step taken, the pivot of a heel,

and a chord announcing what’s to come

Hot pants, shag haircuts, and a new star being born.

Quadraphonic sound, tree people,

and a voice that caught the world’s attention

Worn out needles, 45’s spinning round and round,

and an album by a barefoot man sitting on a bench

So many places waiting,

empty spaces filled with notes and words

Listening, hoping, rewind and play again…’oh yeah...maybe…

could be...ya never know

Shalimar, Jade East, and seven rows from here to there

Time passing, Diamond trains, Diamond planes,

plans delayed or never made at all

Phone calls, voices in the background heard,

with tears shed over nothing

Too hard to reach, searching for a way but never finding one

Years gone, decades long,

still looking for a “Glory Road” that isn’t there

Letters written then ripped to shreds,

anger jealousy and never knowing why

Putting it all away; boxed, taped

and stored in a corner of the mind

Waiting, waiting, blond hair, brown hair,

auburn hair and invisible lines linking people

Typed words with string after string of Diamond faces

Seeing places and traces of a box that was once bound

Tears and a fear of looking

as memories come pouring out

Words mingling with other words,

a light from long ago,

and the young me once again

beside the me from now...looking too

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