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My thing is Done"

By Sheila Woolum All Rights Reserved ©

Poetry / Erotica

My thing is Done"

My thing is Done”

Where were you when I was standing upon this glass, forget that vase that carried the bliss of my commercialized =Soul

you came for nothing and yet she sounded as the stained glass, working upon the time zone within her palace.. click clock as her temples fell across the blazing heat, callous emotional moments she carried her own thoughts, forgetting her self ,

torn the curtain of her own soul, shattered within her skin as rips tears across her face, bleeding the notion of her soul as she was within her fire, the heart blazed across her face,

tick tock, beating of the clocks tick tock , beating of the clocks..

sound about taking in heads, he rolled moments of curtains to bring the punishments then maybe weakness was within her bones, fools give her own souls to the Gods of her heart, filth falls as broken pain within the bleeding faces, she screams in torment fearing everyone knows her name…

locked within her prison walls, she was nothing but ashamed , walking up the gates to shine within her palace again, chained to torments upon the beating blaze, given over to grasp of air and then nothing but pain, torn as nothing was within her mind, giving her self over to her torment.. calling in pain,

weakness falls across her barren soul in the prison walls, chained within the heart of his Palace unknown , without her voice nothing was said, the tongue was tied within the dead, giving her heart to the Black Red Sea,.. her hair was her braids within the pain of all the Misery ,

blood seeps within the souls of the coarse hair of her wounds open cuts of blades of chains tied behind the notionless sounds of trumpets played within the walls, standing naked in the shame of all that she had left, nothing but rags, and Amber golden rings, for the sake of her soul she paid the price for the King to live within his Misery ,

Sold to the time of Masters within , standing Naked all in her sin, filthy rags as if nothing was within her moments of vain, how be it she loved her misery and gave to nothing yet nothing at all, forget the moment she stands now for lack of give..

Beating her heart across, her face giving it to the Gods again…

Sheila Woolum (C) 2016 ending the seasons…

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