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Looking and wanting... sometimes what you see changes

Poetry / Romance
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Looking through a prism
Light refracted in waves
And scattered like leaves
I see you…
Dressed in black
The color of night.
Ah, I whisper to myself,
A man of mystery.
You speak…
Words uttered that somehow sound delicious,
Tempting enough to want more.
I hum to myself,
Wondering where you came from.
Tight pants and boots…
Yes, I see that mast as plain as day,
And take just one step wanting to see more.
Your words hiss with a feral need
As a brow arches, questioning what I want.
I grin…with my head cocked,
Understanding you have that answer already.
Hair long enough to wrap my wrists around and yank…
But not too hard, I take one more step…
After all, why be coy
When what I seek stands tall in front of me.
Wet lips wait as I reach out to take them.
The wind blows, the prism sways,
And I turn around, knowing you watched our reflection
While you growl…
Your eyes dark with desire.

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