Love Who Got Away

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Announcement: This author has released his first private and secret premiere romance novel 'Love Who Got Away'. Inspired by a hot passionate yet brief relationship with his high school sweetheart. 'Love Who Got Away' s a romance novel written by DV, yet to be published. The story is set in Adelaide, Australia during the postmodern and Y-generation era. It depicts the relationship struggles of young Dean, the spoiled youngest son of a hardworking Social Worker, who must use every means at his disposal to escape the financial and romantic poverty he finds himself in Adelaide. A novel based on real life events, the story is a passionate yet tragic story, with inspiration from the emotions he felt during and after the relationship.

Poetry / Erotica
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Meeting each other's parents

Katrina Barletta was strikingly beautiful, and it was a common occurence for men to realize it when they first meet the Barletta twins, her sister had the cute name of Rochie. Many young men would stand still in their tracks where ever she and her identical twin sister walked. Her face mixed the straight black hair and nose of her mother, a local chef of Asian descent, and the skin colour of her European-Australian father. But it was an stunningly pretty face, with a small chin. Her eyes were dark brown, flourished with thin black eyelashes. Above them, you can tell her black brows were kept after. I loved her pale-white skin — that skin so prized, so carefully guarded with make-up and moisturiser, against the dry Adelaide heat. A truly Eurasian cutie.

Relaxed with Dean and Steven inside the cool lounge of the house of Katrina, Dean’s Asian Father walked in with absolute delight, on that fine April evening of 2001, he noticed their pretty framed photo on the wall. Katrina’s dark brown straight hair fell down her face like a waterfall, over her forehead and her facial features nearly exactly matched her identical twin sister. Dean’s father happily commented on her photo, “You two look like two identical coconuts hanging on a tree of an island.” Dean was slightly embarassed but the first meeting turned out to be a pleasant one. Her parents seemed to take a liking to Dean straight away.

The next evening, Dean introduced Katrina to his Mother for the first time. This time introducing her was more awkward than the night before. The blue denim skirt she wore brought out the perfection of her slim waist, not too small (just the right size), and the tightly fitting V-neck shirt showed breasts well-proportioned for her seventeen years. But for all the revelations of her mini skirt, her silky hair was amazing to look at and her small white hands by her side, she was very good at hiding her real personality. Her brown eyes in her carefully sweet face, was gentle, and flowed well with her body language. Her manners had been adopted from both her parents’ gentleness yet stern at the same time. Dean couldn’t stop staring into her pretty eyes. The two twins and Dean moved into Katrina’s bedroom.

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