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From pegleg pants to now...life is full of memories. Do you remember someone who made a difference in your teenage years? I do, and even now I remember him from that far away beginning.

Poetry / Romance
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Chapter 1

I remember you, still wet behind the ears.
Abbreviated ducktail, sideburns,
black boots, peg leg pants,
black shirt, and a black guitar,
held tight against your heart.
Words and music already forming in your head,
creating magic.
I remember you.

I remember you.
Ivory buckskins with beaded tassels lying on your chest
and hanging from your sleeves.
Brown hair brushing lightly against your brow,
then falling below your shoulders in unruly waves.
Sultry lips and light brown eyes,
with hints of hazel dancing in the light.
Introspective and shy, but winged and ready to fly.
Notes and words floating on vellum paper,
drifting across the rooms you played,
filling up the empty spaces.
Sparks of green and blue flying from your fingertips
as your guitar strings hummed.
I remember you.

I remember you.
Older now with gray in places never touched before.
Black dress pants, white shirt, bolero jacket,
and a voice all butterscotch and velvet.
Those same wings unfurled, in full flight, soaring.
Daughter’s coming to see their mother’s secret lover…
and falling too.
Words and music stacked in decades,
with new ones dancing in your mind.
A halo of green, blue and gold stretching from your fingers,
then raining down in soft drops for each of us to feel.
I remember you.

I remember you.
Here we are, decades later,
both of us much older still.
Silver hair cut short, black shoes,
dressed in a much more casual fare.
Wings stretched wide,
sure of where you’re headed,
and aware of what has come and gone…
you smile.
The circle is complete.
Still with every shrug of your shoulders,
swivel of your hips,
and that hiss that ends so many words,
colors of the rainbow merge around you
then float away to us.
I remember you.

I remember you…
and when I fly away, I’ll take a part of you with me.
The songs and voice that took me from the girl I was
to the woman I became, etched within my soul.
Just as the words you write are etched within my heart today.
I remember you.

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