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Is time changeable or has its course been set for infinity? What is time? Is it something that changes or fluctuates on a whim? Or are we the ones that set it in motion and keep it going this way or that?

Poetry / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

For every moment there is another, an echo from the past
or a glimpse of what’s to come.
Who are we to say tomorrow isn’t yesterday
or that yesterday isn’t now turned on its head?
The universe we know was never solitary,
but instead a part of something else.
Plurality at its finest hour,
shedding star stuff into another realm,
while forever gathering pieces of what if’s and if only’s.
Using them, bending them to make another time,
another space, where what we do changes that momentum.
The fabric of time twists with every why and how,
with every tear and smile,
creating a cornucopia of maybe’s.
A rocky hill or a desert landscape,
a sea of seasons or a single empty shell.
Dream a dream of yesterday and find tomorrow
falling by the wayside,
and yesterday back where it belongs.
It’s there beside you, inside your head, and all around.
Star stuff, moon dust, even magic,
forever spinning out those moments
that are both memories and tomorrows yet to come..
just around the corner from today.

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