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Poems and Short Stories

By aliciadeloach98 All Rights Reserved ©



I'm not sure if these are any good. They were written in my early high school years, and are a bit simple. I'll be working on more poems and short stories in the future. Please let me know how to improve my writing at



If you don’t like that I have a heart,

Then I think we should depart.

You can’t see the fact that I love you.

My words were always true.

You let him fill your head with lies,

Swarming around like a room full of flies.

Know that I love you.

My words will always ring true.

Ringing across the sky,

You’ll hear them every time.

I’m tired of loving you,

You knew my words were true.

I won’t let you bother me

Because without you, I’m happy.

There’s no need to love you,

I know my words are true.

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