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Other / Poetry

Angelorum Book 1

Things left unsaid

I see from this cove in shadows by trees

a fast flowing stream rushing down a ravine

the water is white and coming so fast

jumping and gushing to try and get past

it sprays over boulders and under a bridge

then spills into here but stops at the ridge

a bridge made of wood walks round to the right

it skips over boulders nailed together real tight

it ends on a rock laid next to a dam

built with large pebbles and stacked by a man

the water enters this cove from the right

under the bridge so fast and so white

it gushes together slapping the sides

then back to the stream the water does glide

a mountain in front of me reaches unseen

climbing out of sight behind outstretching trees

their laughter is silent, but gestures I see

the sound of their presence brushed by a breeze

I stand on the earth and breathe in cool air

I feel content and rejoice as I stare

the feeling of peace surrounds me I sway

I will never forget how I feel on this day

one day I will see this place with my eyes

not just in my head where it wallows and hides



Her ageless face

in time is set

Waiting is fulfilled

so she floats

Her essence gone


will not be quilled



A poem rhymes should it not?

filled in with words long forgot

a way to show how we feel

to express something is a big deal

I feel sorrow and have felt shame

but isn’t it all the same?

the way we handle all life’s woes

but hay! the big ones? shrug..... who knows?

there are no rules on how to live

and only we know how to forgive

but do we really ever share?

or do we really ever care?

I want, I want, I want, I need

it only started as a seed

we nurture, feed and watch it grow

but in the end what do we know?

in this journey we choose to take

we gather memories and feelings make

a small soul in the essence of mess

we all make it, more or less



The whiteness flows from within

hidden under the flesh of skin

it guides us, helps us and consoles

and lives within our very soul

We cannot see this myth so great

instead most mortals choose to hate

the angels that we cannot see

are always here and meant for thee

our blindness shows us nothing new

we struggle on both me and you

to try and grasp what slips beneath

is what we learn to be so brief

instead we shun what we don’t know

and force the living not to grow

we see the truth in such din

the whiteness flows from within


Happy birthday

Another year of living gone

looking after number one

enjoy the party while it lasts

tomorrow you’ll be back in the past

re-living the moments when you had fun

reminiscing your feelings in the sun

when you laughed, and when you be

so young and healthy, emotionally free

your life has flown at such a speed

and now you find you have a need

to be back then what would you give?

to start again know how to live?

now you see the body’s old

and all that glitters is not sold

will you shuffle your weary feet?

or will you smile, admit defeat?

will you hold your head up high?

or will you shrug and slowly sigh?

accept your lot and just move on

your life has only just begun

walk on the path that you so choose

let’s face it now, what’s to lose?

feed your soul with what you love

and live your life just how you would.


What I want

A childhood lost in physical abuse

no tender words were spoken

the slightest thing would set her off

and endurance came unbroken

The broom a handy weapon

she wielded like a sword

not caring where it landed

as long as she had scored

The body knew the hits would hurt

the lumps and bruises show

but in my mind a feeling hid

feeding fear and hate did grow

This experience came every day

at night I used to hide

under unwashed sheets and blankets

into dreams my mind would glide

The older I became

the harder she would hit

sometimes I cried so hard in silence

no water came to spit

I want myself to show me love

to help this hate unbidden

is what I want too much to ask

to show me I’m forgiven?

Now the woman and not the child

the hate still here inside

I want to be free of such destruction

and grow in view, not hide

What I want is to love

myself from outside in

to learn a little from my fear

and wash away this hate within

A stranger I am to me

I hate myself so much

what I want is hard to see

a love with invisible touch

No other can give this to me

I have to go unknown

into a place of fear and hate

to find peace I go alone


Forgive me

forgive me for the pain I caused

I run at breakneck speed, no time to pause

I’m not the sister you need right now

not sure who, where, why or how

I can’t be full of goodness and light

and my past too was nothing but shite

today I ask for you to forgive

so I can start a journey to live

the pain I feel is oh! so real

and anger shows me nothing

I forgive you too for such a life

and the shadows stand here rocking

the path I choose right now is mine

I walk with hope and love to shine

one day we will know the know

but just right now we need to grow


There is always hope

you hold the past like a sphere of pain

and slowly let it crush you

you let it crawl around in vain

as you stumble forward don’t you?

in dragging love from the past

you close yourself to hope

and believing in what you want

has no direction, just floats

by leaving this reality

you show emotion, none

and miss the opportunity

that what was now gone

for now the easy way is not to hope

in a future with belief to grow

no regrets they take too much

because we do know

if only we could leave the past

and live in the moment now

maybe then no regrets won’t last

and being here is right somehow

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