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The devastated smile

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This story about my life tells you how I try to show the brightest smile , but I end up failing everyone with my smile.

Poetry / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Say cheese!
Cheese? I smile slightly
I see a smile, but inside I feel dead.
My eyes look hurt, my nose twitching.
Say cheese!
I then smile again.
No teeth.
Blurry vision.
Will you smile?
I try to smile again.
My lips start to quiver.
What’s wrong? They say.
I say nothing.
What’s wrong?
I then see no one’s there.
Am I hallucinating?
I look down.
Blood on my hands.
I then see a guy lying behind me.
A dead corpse.
I then ask.
What’s wrong?
I feel his skin.
It feels….as cold as ice.
I pass out.
I wake up in my bed.
It was all but a dream.

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