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Schism Excerpt

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A small excerpt of a larger collection of poetry I have been compiling.

Kieron Tufft
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Conjured from a Book

While you are here I love you
but when you go it goes too,
While you are here I live you
when you are not it dies blue,
While you are here I breath you
though you’ll turn the valve off
the oxygen tank,
When we kiss you taste alive
then break apart
in a salty afterlife,
When I inhale you are
the rain washed gardens of childhood
that outstays itself into
stale maturity,
When you wrap your warmth around me
I pocket the sensation
so I can revisit it
more times than I know now,
Where I go you go too
not with me,
never with me,
you are behind me
facing backwards
examining me,
examining this.

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