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Dreams of Egypt

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I've had a series of strange, vivid dreams. Each one was historically accurate to new kingdom Egypt, and I am learning more about the ancients each day, just out of curiosity. Some say, this is me remembering a past life. I don't remember what I had for breakfast! This is me, writing poetry about these strange dreams.

Poetry / Fantasy
Helen M. Pugsley
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She was so much younger than me
Or my husband
Who's crow's feet tugged lovingly on the edge of his eyes.
We bathed in the Nile together
Floating down on our backs
Feeling the sun burn our bellies
And the water caught the light and threw it in our eyes.
We laughed and grabbed each other's hands
So we wouldn't loose each other.
Stark naked, we felt no shame.
Being with her was never a chore.
I dreaded her growing up.
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