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This is a book on dark poetry. It mostly talks about depression and anxiety, maybe a bit about love here and there, who knows😉. There is no sequential order incase you were starting to find a trend and you get lost or confused. Each chapter has a track. Of course you are not obligated to listen to them but it will make reading the poems a whole different experience.😉 I hope you all enjoy🤗

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Track: Lil Wayne ft Bruno Mars - Mirror

I'm staring at the girl in the mirror
Cold eyes staring right back at me,
Never in my life have I thought that I would practice smiling
But here I am, trying to move my heavy lips
They refuse to even twitch, painful.
My laugh so void of any emotion, I'm dry.
But this will do though,
They will be too occupied with something better to even notice,
I look at her one more time,
I don't see me, so I leave...

Dark under eyes, blotched eyes, they notice - great.
I've been studying all night, I excuse myself,
But was I, really? I only remember crying all night, screaming, pulling my hair,
Trying to make the voices stop
Trying to make the monsters in my room go away
Trying to shush the voices inside my head
I was on the ground, screaming loud, whilst everyone was in bed,
I didn't know how to make everything stop but they didn't need to know that...im trying

They are all happy, free and at peace - look at them,
Their worlds are full of blossoms and butterflies whilst mine is dusty, musty and dead,
As I try harder to absorb their energy my walls shake
Tears itching, burning my eyes, threatening to spill, begging to be released
But I can't.....
I can't ruin the moment so I quickly blink them away, steading my walls,
They can't see my vulnerability, simply CAN'T!
I've worked so hard to build this walls around me,
It took me dawns and dusks to master this smile.
Dear God I'm trying...

Friends, where are they? You may ask,
Ah they are here somewhere or are they?
I don't even know anymore
I don't know who my friends are,
They all wearing the same fake smile as the rest, proclaiming fake love
But...just when I turn my back, they repeatedly stab me alongside the rest until I can't feel the pain no more,
They don't even call me back,
What if.... I'm someone they never want around?

When the day is over, it's just me with myself and I,
It is so quiet when I'm coming home and I'm on my own,
The silence becomes so loud it's deafening,
There's only I when the lights go down
And I've been lying, saying I like it like that
But I can't take it anymore,
I can't....take my wondering thoughts no more, they cut deeper than a razor, I'm bleeding pain.

I've been giving out signals
Favourite colour became black
Started listening to dark pop
The road to church became narrower and the road to kaAnti became wider
Eyes always painted black to hide my sorrows
I'm not gothic!
I'm sad! Get it? No... You dont
Are you really that blind
Please, anyone get me out of this darkness
I can't pull myself out
It is just too powerful for me now
Who can I blame though?
I've been feeding this, now it wants to swallow me.

But what happened to me? You may ask
Remind me to tell you about it before you go to bed today because tomorrow might be too far
I've endured this pain for far too long.

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