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A Pocket Full of Poems

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TW: themes of suicide, suicidal ideation, abuse, I'm a bit new to this as this is my first book of poetry! These poems are just what-ever is going on in my mind and are quite impulsive. I hope these can strike your heart strings and feedback is always welcome :D

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A Childhood Friend of Mine

Trigger Warning: Spouse Abuse, depressions, suicidal ideation.

when I was a kid I had a friend

who sat with me in the darkest of times

who myself he did tend

he made me forget my hurtful lies

I spun seemingly soundly

when in denial he had found me

I sat with him most late nights

I didn’t realise I was in his sights

I yelled like a mad man for him to leave

but still he stuck by when I started to weep

he came for me when all I knew was rage

at the sight of my father, who was kept in a cage

my mother with her sugar sweet smile had said

he owed her suffering when they had wed

she scorched the key and softly wept

to force him to try reflect

the great man kneeled down

pretending that he wasn’t bound

to this sinful woman stuck in the past

and tried to make peace with her at last

she wept some more and shed a tear

then yelled once more making me fear

another sleepless night, another twisted lullaby

too loud to sleep I awoke with sullen eyes

last night my friend had enough

no more trying to act tough

it was time to make do on his promise

He told me ‘Time is nearly upon us’

a sweet relief of death, that’s what he was

in front of my bed because

my friend death, was going to take my soul

those nights of taunting weren’t lost on me at all

when I was a kid I had a friend called death

who sat with me in the darkest of times

who myself he did tend

a thought of death made me forget my hurtful lies

that I spun seemingly soundly

when in denial death had found me

I sat with death most late nights

it was now I realised I was in his sights

I yelled like a mad man for death to leave

death stayed in my mind when I started to weep

could I be free of all the shouting

if I listened to death’s call?

I shuddered and yelled at death once more

once more he left, once more I saw

the everlasting battle I would face

as a child, I had my first taste

Date Finished: 26th April 2022

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