The Unhappily Ever Afters

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The Sanity Of Red

The Sanity Of Red

That wisp of red you see on the wind,

That hooded cloak around me.

I am the girl who’s life is entwined,

With the wolf that I could not flee.

I am little red riding hood,

And I walk this forest floor still.

Never finding an escape from these woods,

Or the beast that must kill.

My story is not a fairy tale,

Nor does it have a happy end.

You can still hear the wolf’s mournful wail,

With the rustling leaves it does blend.

You cannot hear it,

But I hear it ring true.

This is the first I will admit,

Something only I ever knew.

The wolf was not real,

At least to anyone but me.

But it did finally steal,

All of my sanity.

I walked the dark woods,

With my red cloak fluttering behind.

Hearing something that only I understood,

Because it was something coming from deep in my mind.

I could see it there,

As clear as day.

With its sharp teeth and bristling hair,

And a stare that would not stray.

It rumbled deep from it’s throat,

Then gave an evil laugh.

With that my future was wrote,

Changing the path of my life.

He told me orders,

I didn’t want to listen.

But my mind was in such disorder,

That it became like an addiction.

He told me what to do,

And I followed like a mindless pawn.

I could no longer tell what was true,

And what were lies I just acted upon.

I saw myself as this innocent girl,

But that was just a lie.

Into a confusing mess I was hurled,

Where no one could hear my pleading cry.

And I did scream and cry,

Until my lungs had no air left.

But nothing came out while I did try,

For my voice was stolen by the wolf’s theft.

On the outside I was a happy child,

But inside I was a blubbering mess.

For I had been taken over by something wild,

That fed off of others distress.

As time passed,

The voice grew louder.

He no longer asked,

But demanded for someone to devour.

He wanted blood with a passion,

That he made my eyes see red.

Making me see blood in every action,

Until I could not get the thought out of my head.

I needed to draw blood,

To make others hurt.

The madness came in a flood,

Making me convert.

The wolf was no longer a voice,

But who I had become.

It had given me little choice,

But nothing could stop what had begun.

I was a beast,

But not yet a monster.

First I needed to feast,

And enjoy a wondrous slaughter.

I chose my victim,

And attacked without plan.

Giving power to my sickness,

And killing one of my own clan.

For the part of the story that’s true,

Is that the wolf devoured my grandmama.

In a single moment the wolf blew,

Out a life that held such promise.

But there was no wolf,

There was only me.

My madness flowed,

Out for all to see.

With the blood coating my hands,

And the wolf cackling in my head.

I was thrust into a prison land,

That I would never leave until I was dead.

The bars that surround me are my prison,

But my punishment is much worse.

I would forever live with the vision,

Of what I did under the wolf’s curse.

I am red riding hood,

But I am also the wolf.

I have forsaken all that was good,

I am the danger behind the wool.

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