The Unhappily Ever Afters

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Escape Into The Glass

Escape Into The Glass

I stare into the looking glass,

Seeing within my world.

Not knowing how many hours pass,

Or what dangers that might unfurl.

I began this journey years ago,

When I was still so young.

When I had suffered a horrible blow,

I escaped into a world that had only been sung.

A tragedy had torn my heart,

And made me weep all day.

My short life had been torn apart,

And I had been thrust into a world of grey.

I no longer felt happiness,

Or any feelings of joy.

I was just filled with a loneliness,

That I could never destroy.

The sadness seemed to overtake my life,

Until I could take no more.

I would have solved my problem with a knife,

But then I found the secret door.

The door to a world I had heard about in songs,

That would take me away from my pain.

A place filled with unicorns and swans,

Where my happiness would never again wane.

Deep inside my mirror,

I gazed into this wondrous world.

Wishing only to be nearer,

To the place where no one worried.

But within the wonderful mirror,

I felt only happiness and peace.

It was a place where I could disappear,

Where my pain would finally cease.

I could see large grassy hills,

And a rainbow of colors covering the sky.

Horses with feathers and mermaids with gils,

Were a couple of the beings that I could spy.

Crystal clear water,

As far as the eye could see.

A beautiful endless summer,

A place where I could finally flee.

Flee from all of my pain,

Away from the judgement and fear.

Where my brother’s memory would not be a chain,

But something I could forever hold dear.

I would no longer be told stupid nonsense,

About his death no being my fault.

I no longer have to deal with this false pretense,

No longer rub this gapping wound with salt.

This was my chance to forget,

To escape into another world.

Where I would no longer fret,

A place as beautiful as a pearl.

So I gazed into the looking glass,

And lost myself to the beauty.

Losing my mind at last,

To a place where there is no cruelty.

My mind locked onto the otherworld,

As my spirit dove through the door.

Through the portal I was whirled,

Into a place I knew I would adore.

My mind was happy,

I was finally free.

I would never again be lonely,

My words no longer a soundless plea.

I frolicked in a land that was all my own,

Finding true happiness and joy.

I lost myself in the mirror to my clone,

Making my body nothing more than a broken toy.

It was many years ago,

When I lost myself to the mirror.

While my body continued to grow,

I stayed just as I appeared.

My body wrinkled and greyed,

But I was still as young as ever.

Time’s harsh blade,

Was out of reach of me forever.

Or so I thought,

In my tiny, blissful land.

But I was only caught,

In a world made by my own hand.

What I did not know,

Is that everything can disappear in a blink.

That the body can take a blow,

And the mind must follow because of the link.

I am gone,

My whole world went black.

My body could no longer be a pawn,

Subjected to times harsh attack.

My body gave in,

So my spirit disappeared.

My spirit could not survive without skin,

My looking glass was forever marred.

My world is gone,

Now so too am I.

Goodbye to the unicorns and swans,

To my wonderful happy world goodbye.

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