The Unhappily Ever Afters

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The True Beast

The True Beast

I thought that I could change him,

I said that he was a really nice guy.

I didn’t think that my life would turn so grim,

I didn’t think that things would go so awry.

I went to my man,

For he was handsome and true.

I did not see through his sham,

To the monster hidden from view.

Everything was fine,

As he fought to earn my love.

But then he crossed a line,

And gave me the first shove.

He apologized,

Said he would never touch me again.

Said we just needed to compromise,

That he didn’t mean to bring me pain.

But it happened again and again,

Until I thought that I could take no more.

But then he would abstain,

And treated me as though I was something to be adored.

Life was good,

Until his temper flared.

Something would be misunderstood,

And I once again would not be spared.

The strikes would be hard,

His words were always brutal.

Nothing could help guard,

And trying to fight back was just futile.

But I hide behind this facade,

Never speaking of what happened behind closed doors.

Others did not see us as flawed,

And what they did not like they just ignored.

They accepted my lame excuses,

Seeing truth in my bald lie.

Ignoring my many bruises,

Never wanting to pry.

He was handsome and charming,

But a beast hid deep inside.

When it broke free he was alarming,

For you saw what he could no longer hide.

A man in only appearance,

But a monster to the bone.

He was responsible for my disappearance,

But that will never be known.

No one will know where my body lies now,

They will just believe his story.

He has told how we made a happy vow,

And moved away without a worry.

How we lived happily ever after,

But that simply is not true.

Because his anger consumes him like a cancer,

Our lives together never grew.

They never had a chance,

Because of all his violence and lies.

My epic romance,

Was what led to my demise.

It was on a normal day,

When his temper blew again.

Bringing with it complete disarray,

And my horrible pain.

His face morphed,

And his true beast showed through.

Because of a temper that was coerced,

A battle did ensue.

I begged and pleaded with him,

Cried out for help until I was hoarse.

But he beat me until it made my vision swim,

And even after I was merely a corpse.

He beat me until my eyes grew black,

He beat me until I bled red.

He beat me until me bones did crack,

Until my soul finally fled.

After my soul fled,

He beat my body though it lie still.

It took him awhile to notice I was dead,

The monster had taken its first kill.

He dug a hole,

And buried me deep.

Giving no thought to my eternal soul,

Or the consequences of my dark sleep.

He told everyone,

That we had eloped.

That we had found a home in a little piece of heaven,

And where I awaited him alone.

Everyone believed the lies he spew,

Never questioning my disappearance.

They saw what they wished to view,

Sinking deep into their ignorance.

I was the beauty to his beast,

And I should have ended it long ago.

But I could not handle letting our love cease,

And because of that I lay here rotting down below.

Our fairy tale was not meant to be,

But I could have stopped this end.

If only I had opened my eyes to see,

That pain and love do not blend.

I saw the beast,

But I ignored the signs.

I allowed the monster to feast,

I ignored all of his crimes.

So now I lie here is this ground,

Cold and forever forgotten.

My false story is all that can be found,

Instead of the truth that is all too common.

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