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Tales from the Glastwake

By A. J. McAlpin All Rights Reserved ©


One Day on the Glastwake

Ponder through the Glastwake,

The Bauwrun, Hither Metra.

With Raking, Morkid and Parnlow Tesk,

Kantrinising Estra.

They beat the deveebas out him,

With the Tesk kids getting the word,

Young Raking Tesk used closing fists,

While Morkid and Parnlow used their palms of fur.

‘Pray no more!’ poor Estra cried,

‘We’ll continue!’ snorkled Hither Metra.

‘Sir you are but a Bauwrun,’ cried Estra,

‘A slave to the Tesk kids when they let you!’

No more words, thought Hither loudly,

And angrily shoved Parnlow Tesk,

At their youngest brother becoming put down,

Raking and Morkid turned on their ankles and fled.

‘Pray once again!’ yeled Estra with joyous belonging,

‘I have seen my ways,’ proclinaimed the changed Hither,

’Your kantrinised days, noghts, and tommorows are no longer lettered,

I’ve seen your ways of the wither!’

‘Don’t speak these words’ spluttered Parnlow Tesk,

More dead than on an earth,

’When we hired you, stupid Bauwrun,

You proclinaimed your job was your word!’

‘I am tired of all the kantrinising,’ sighed Hither angrily,

‘And of you and your stupid brothers!’

He used his fisted elbow to whack the youngest Tesk

Into a place where he could not father.

All the meanwhile, Raking turned to the east of earth,

Morkid turned to the down,

They crossed the planes to surround Hither Metra the Bauwrun

And slapisce until the sun grew down.

They found him chill with Estra,

The man they wanted to fright,

They used twice machining bullet guns,

To blaster the Bauwrun out of sights.

They turned on Estra too,

In a move they should have proclaimed before,

But the Bauwrun was soon dead,

And his savee also took a fore.

If you ever ponder through the Glastwake,

Watch out for the double Tesks,

For you may find they’ll blow your mind

Where it shouldn’t be; straight out your head.

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