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I have always wanted to say "thank you" - but I have never found a way. Saying two little words don't mean a lot to some...but to me it does.

Poetry / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

I watch the water rush toward tomorrow,
waiting patiently for yesterday’s return.
For the circle to find the way to its beginning,
and for a star to be newborn.

If time can move forward then in fact,
it must move back again
and replay what has already been done.

I wonder as I wait, can I change the past?
Can I find the window that I somehow missed
or will yesterday stay the same as it once was?

The circle may return to its beginning,
but by then both of us will be long gone…
with nothing left but atoms
streaming through an unknown void.

Our souls…perhaps they will meet
in some odd place where space and time collide,
but will it mean the same?
Will I have a chance to thank you,
and will I even know your name?

I wait anyhow,
never knowing but forever hoping
I can find the answer
either here or somewhere out among the stars.
For to say the words that haunt me
means more than moving on.

Too bad I can’t erase those memories
or make them disappear.
Ah I whisper to myself that will never happen.
No memories would be like never living
and never living would mean no memories of you.

It’s like a circle within a circle,
with no beginning and no end…
and no way to ever tell you
what I always needed you to know.

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