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~a walk on the beach~

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I wrote a short story originally called 'rhythm' in I believe 7th(?) grade, I couldn't find the actual story, but I wrote a poem with the parts of that story that I could remember. this is a narrative poem and is 36 lines long.

Poetry / Adventure
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a walk on the beach - narrative poem

to a walk on the beach

nothing can compare

ocean flowing by your side

cool wind in your hair

a walk on the beach

moon glowing bright in the sky

ocean waves splashing

engulfed in the moonlight

wind flying past

singing in the air

shells wash ashore

like chimes against the ocean floor

a walk on the beach

completely on your own

yet somehow

you don’t feel alone

“follow the music”

you hear the wind say

so you listen

and go on your way

the longer you walk

the louder it sings

so you sing along

as the clocktower dings

you’ve walked all night

and you’ve started to tire

so you lay in the sand

to sleep till morrow

when you awaken

the ocean has calmed

the wind sings no longer

and the seashells, are gone

you say it was a dream

but some still recall

that day the ocean

sang for them all

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