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I Hear You Mommy

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A mother feels her words to her child aren't getting through but she keeps trying as her child grows into an adult.

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I Hear You Mommy

I hear you mommy

I believe your words

About choosing a life

That envies the birds

I hear you mommy

About walking away

How it gets easier

Day after day

I hear you mommy

How I deserve more

He'll never be

What I'm looking for

I hear you mommy

I promise I do

Its hard to explain

Even though I want to

I hear you mommy

Can't change who he is

Love me or not

Even loving the kids

I hear you mommy

He's good inside

Never enough

An endless ride

I hear you mommy

Without a doubt

Every detail you've said

No need to shout

I hear you mommy

I promise I do

You think that I cave

Its not just you

I hear you mommy

I have a plan

Hard to explain

Hourglass of sand

I hear you mommy

The balance is wrong

It will never work

Same old song

I hear you mommy

The time will come

Won't be long

We'll be done

I hear you mommy

Not right now

Can't explain what I mean

And I can't tell

I hear you mommy

Im sorry to say

You've never felt like this

Every single day

I hear you mommy

I wish you could see

Unfortunately that can't happen

It just can't be

I hear you Mommy

You think that I choose

Someone unworthy

And I'll always lose

I hear you mommy

you have taught me well

What I do is right

you just can't tell

I hear you mommy

Now I'm full grown

You've done your job

I'm never alone.

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